Beers + Bubbly: SoT Social

There's a new kid on the block, and it's ready to play with the big boys. SoT Social—also known as South of Truman—recently opened in downtown Kansas City, and has described itself as creating the "feeling of discovering an unknown place" and a great place to escape to.

As I am always seeking to uncover the "unknown" and crave local, everyday escapes from this adult reality, I was looking forward to checking this place out myself. Accompanied by a group of friends on a Monday evening, I'll admit I think I discovered one of my favorite new bars in Kansas City.

The drinks are good—really, really good—and between the eight of us, we got to try most of the drink menu. I enjoyed The Tiki Cocktail, shown below, for its sweet, light taste but also for the beautiful chalice in which it was served. The copper mug is shaped as a pineapple, and the lid becomes a stand for the drink! Planning to get this drink every time I return merely because it made me feel like royalty (pinkies out).

Each cocktail was unique in some way. The Smoky Cocktail is *literally* served smoking and The Rhubarb Cocktail's key ingredient is the bleu cheese on the rim. One that I will be back to try is The Clarified Milk Punch, as I really like anything that involves dairy and elderflower.

They also had a dessert menu, which is dangerous and genius at the same time. Can you tell I'm in their target market? I didn't let my guard down this time around, but Glace Ice Cream Sandwich: I'm comin' back for ya.

south of truman kansas city

This was the perfect place to hang out on a cool, fall evening. The gorgeous lights cascaded above our table and the crisp air filled my lungs while a tropical cocktail filled my stomach. We talked about our parents and reminisced our childhoods across 4 different states. It was like this private patio was all ours and it felt like a place where we could come back and make more memories. They even had green grass-like squares on the wall—perfect for the Instaslam!

Stylish, unique and surprising: SoT Social earns a top spot on my favorites list. I want to encourage everyone and their moms to go, but I also selfishly want to keep it a secret. As it says on the website, it is indeed the "new best-kept secret in Kansas City."

So go ahead and check it out. Or don't. :)

Stay curious,

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