Minimalist Fashion Heaven

To kick-off Kansas City Fashion Week, I attended the Anaphora & Post/Edit event in Overland Park for an evening of cocktails, shopping and networking! To say it simply, I think Anaphora was actually created especially for me. 

I love minimalist fashion. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because it doesn't go out of style, partly because I truly believe in "less is more" when it comes to fashion, decorating, and (at times) life in general. This store seemed like it was very thoughtfully planned in all aspects; the pieces were carefully selected to fit with the Anaphora brand, and I didn't see a single item of clothing that I wasn't in love with. 

I love how the store was separated by color: black, white, blush, military green, camel, brick red. Each of the pieces were unique and high-quality. Although at a higher price point than most places I shop at, the prices were affordable for the quality of clothes you would be getting. I sadly didn't walk out with anything this time, but I definitely need to take a trek to Overland Park soon to splurge for my birthday in November!

The clothing in this store is how I imagine my wardrobe to be in an ideal world. Since that doesn't exist, I can keep dreaming and continue to work toward those #closetgoals. I would also very much like to buy that velvet black couch, please and thank you.

Thank you, Anaphora, for simply existing.


5601 W 135th St
Overland Park, Kansas

Stay curious,