5 Reasons Why Bermuda Should Be On Your 2018 Bucket List

One of the most valuable learnings of 2017: Bermuda is the perfect getaway from New York City. From its unique and welcoming culture to its affordability and convenience, I've detailed all the reasons why Bermuda needs to be on your 2018 bucket list.

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Although airfare is cheaper during fall and winter, a great thing about Bermuda is that temps are fairly mild all year round. My airfare was about $3oo round-trip flying from JFK on American Airlines in Mid-October, which is a great price for an international flight to warmer weather! I expect airlines charge more during the high season, but luckily it's just as lovely even in the cooler months. Although it rained a bit during our stay, temperatures were around 70 degrees every day. We were still able to snorkle, bronze up at the beaches (both private and public) and go hiking — all in the "off-season"!

While we were able to obtain a comped room due to my dad's medical conference that was happening, the Bermuda Tourism website frequently has lodging sales (right now is one of their biggest, the Pink Sale! This will save you up to 50% on hotels and resorts if you book by January 23rd).



When discussing my travels to Bermuda, a lot of my friends were surprised at how convenient it was to fly there from New York (while many didn't realize that Bermuda was much farther north than the Caribbean islands — it's a very secluded destination out in the middle of the Atlantic!). I was able to take a direct flight to the island, time totaling just over 2 hours. 

I will say that once you get to the island, one of the inconveniences is transportation. There are no car-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, and visitors aren't allowed to rent a car on their own. BUT there are some awesome alternatives that I personally think are better and more memorable  that get you around just as good.

The first option: rent a scooter! Tourists may not be able to rent cars, but scooters are more fun anyway, right? (They also make for some Instagramable shots, not like that matters to me or anything ;)). Option number two: try out public transportation. You can find bus map brochures all around the island (your hotel/resort should definitely have them!), and it's definitely the cheapest way to get around. We took the bus from Southampton to the Royal Naval Dockyards for a day and it was such a great way to see so much more than you experience at the resort. You'll get a look into everyday life of Bermudians, passing by colorful villages, beautiful subtropic landscapes and will probably have an opportunity to chat with a local (they're so welcoming and approachable, too). 


We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, which is probably one of the more affordable resort options on the island, but it was also one of the most convenient. The resort had its own golf course, which was so beautiful it might has well been doused in glitter, as well as multiple pools, decent souvenir shopping and several restaurants on-property. Horseshoe Bay is one of Bermuda's most famous beaches, and it was right in the Fairmont's backyard. It was so fun to explore this beach's stunning coves while also being able to grab a drink at the beach bar (which was a lot more affordable than the Fairmont's private cabana bar). 


Additionally, it's walking distance to Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, another stunning Bermuda tourist attraction. Since the Fairmont is more centrally located than other resorts, it's easier to ride the public transportation all around the island like we did to visit the Dockyards. The Fairmont also offers a free ferry that will take you to Hamilton, the island's capital and urban center, during the day and its a beautiful 45-minute ride. You can relax, enjoy riding the waves and sip on one of the alcoholic beverages they offer onboard.



My favorite travel experiences are those where you're able to soak up and learn about the destination and its history, rather than spending your vacation within a tourist trap that provides a cheapened, diluted outlook on the local culture.

Bermuda was great because local experiences were so accessible, be it by public transit or within the nearby shops in Hamilton. The Royal Dockyards were likely the most touristy spot on the island, as that's where the cruise ships dock. Although less localized, the history of the dockyards paired with one of my favorite food experiences on the island made the visit there worth it.


Also, the locals are some of the nicest people I have met while traveling to new places. If you look lost or confused (which we did multiple times), they'll ask if you need help or directions before you have a chance to ask them. It must be that island air that makes Bermudians so kind! 

Some Bermudian food and drink you'll need to try include the traditional Rum Swizzle, the Bermuda fish sandwich (fried fish fillets with tarter sauce on raisin bread toast), fish chowder (highly spiced, thick broth with a dash of rum and sherry pepper sauce), Bermuda rum cake, and, of course, be sure to pick up a bottle of Gosling's Black Seal Rum. 

If you're wanting some nontraditional dining options while on this island, be sure to try Gibb Hill's Lighthouse (there's a restaurant inside that offers some of the most amazing seafood dishes I've ever had — just be sure to dress up! We showed up as stereotypical Americans in our tourist Bermuda T-shirts and jeans). For a more casual unique dining experience, head to the Frog and Onion Pub at the Dockyards, a pub started by an Englishman and Frenchman. 


As Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, you'll find British influences all over the island. It's hard for one to ignore all the British accents while there, as it seems many Brits head to Bermuda on holiday. You'll also notice afternoon tea options at restaurants, a traditionally British tradition, as well as many English pubs, opportunities to play cricket and a massive portrait of Queen Elizabeth at airport customs. Although Bermudians are primarily British in terms of custom, many locals watch American TV and Bermuda English shares many similarities to American English.



I have yet to see anything more beautiful in my lifetime than Bermuda's pink sand beaches paired with its stunning turquoise waters. In sunlight, the water is clear as day so it's easy to spot sea-life and other treasures. If staying at the Fairmont, there's a path on the south side of the resort that winds through lush tropical flora, down a steep hill that takes you along the resort's golf course. I highly recommend experiencing this in the early morning light with a coffee in hand. You'll also likely spot many geckos during your walk!


While in towns and villages, take a moment to admire the charming, colorful buildings and historic architecture. Even when the weather was a tad dreary, it was hard not to be happy when surrounded by bright and interesting architecture!



It sounds cheesy af, but Bermuda really does have something for everyone. Like history? Cool, there's lots of that on the island — especially be sure that the National History Museum is on your list. Err on the side of adventure? Make sure to hike, see the shipwrecks via diving or snorkling and go parasailing. Need some family-friendly options? Head to the Bermuda Aquarium, zoo and go mini-golfing at the dockyards. Just need time to relax? Sit back and rest your eyes at one of the many beautiful beaches the island has to offer, with a Rum Swizzle in hand. 


Are you planning a trip to Bermuda? Have questions? Ask me in the comments below! 👇

Stay curious,

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Everything You Need to Do in Wichita

As a Wichita native, although I haven't lived in the city for six years, I always look forward to coming back home so I can explore my precious hometown, from taking walks around College Hill to revisiting some favorite childhood restaurants. It's been really amazing to observe over even the last couple of years how much Wichita has blossomed culturally—if only it were this cool when I was in high school! 

I was lucky enough to partner with Visit Wichita on my recent trip home before my move to the Big Apple. I was expecting a nice staycation in my hometown, equipped with some familiar restaurants and friendly faces. What surprised me, though, is that I got so much more than that. Over the weekend, I was blessed with some of the best food I've ever had, a vibrant night on the town and access to some ultra-unique local hotspots. 

It may be my life mission to share the unmatched character of Wichita with the world (although a selfish part of me wants me to keep it hidden so it's special only to me and its residents). Whether you live near or far, Wichita's history and individuality is something that you need to experience the next time you're needing a getaway. Surrounded by nothing but the Flint Hills and farmland, it's a place where you can breathe a little deeper and your problems feel far out of reach. 

During my staycation in the ICT, I was able to experience the best of the best of the city, with the focus of highlighting locally owned shops and iconic Midwest destinations, from coffee shops and craft breweries to historic landmarks. 


The Ambassador Hotel Wichita
First thing's first: if you want to soak in the best that the city has to offer, whether you're needing a relaxing staycation or if in town for a weekend getaway, you're going to want to stay at The Ambassador Hotel downtown. The Ambassador was named the best hotel in Kansas by US News & World Report and has received a Four Diamond Rating rating by AAA the past three years. Not only did I love its sophisticated French character, but also how perfectly situated it is in the city. I love staying at places that make the city walkable, and I was surprised at how little I had to use my car to get to my various destinations downtown (which I love!). The staff was amazingly friendly, and the rooms are so nice you'll want to stay in bed all day and soak in the hospitality. 

Additionally, this hotel is great for history buffs—you can feel the historic importance of this place as soon as you walk in. What is now the Siena Tuscan Steakhouse used to be Dockum Drugstore, the site of the first lunch counter sit-in that would make history in July 1958 as the beginning of integrating segregated establishments in the United States. The hotel now has a Prohibition-style speakeasy in the basement of the hotel named after this drugstore. Here, imbibe in cocktail "prescriptions" at the nondescript bar, what used to be the hotel's storage room. You'll truly feel as if you stepped back in time, with the dimmed lighting, hush-hush atmosphere and 1920s decor. It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience in the ICT. 


Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria
If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self-promotion), you'll know that this girl loves her pizza. And my favorite kind of pizza is neapolitan-style, light and airy goodness. So, naturally, I was enthralled when Piatto recently opened downtown next to one of my other favorite establishments, The Donut Whole).  The pizzas are authentically Italian made, from start to finish. You can sit at the bar and watch the pizzas quickly baked in the 900-degree oven, or enjoy the outdoors on the new back patio. Perfect for an intimate lunch or dinner with a friend or two, or your significant other. 

District Taqueria
Another newbie to downtown is District Taqueria, the perfect place for a margarita and delectable street tacos. Dare I say that their chips and salsa were some of the best I've ever had? Don't take my word for it—go find out for yourself. 

George's French Bistro
If your tastebuds are needing a little TLC, then head to George's French Bistro in College Hill. This place is the perfect place for date night or celebrating a night with your girls. I loved the authentically French atmosphere and cuisine, as well as the ample seafood offerings that were available. I promise that you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Pictured below are a few of their melt-in-your-mouth desserts, as well as their individually brewed drip coffee (that comes in a glass cup—so fancy!). 

I was lucky enough to try out their menu before they closed for remodeling this summer. No worries—they will reopen August 1st, 2017!

18514024_1694606543886843_7627475593977659392_n (1).jpg

Other favorites include: The Anchor (one of the best breakfasts I've ever had), Ziggy's Pizza, Dempsey's Burger Pub, Sport Burger, Scotch & Sirloin, Bella Luna and Doo-Dah Diner (also one of the breakfasts I've ever had).


The Q
One of my favorite discoveries this trip was the existence of the Q Line trolley. Of course, I had seen them drive by whenever I made it downtown, but I had no idea that the trolley is FREE to ride on weekends and during the lunch hour on weekdays. The line made it so easy for me to hop from place to place, from College Hill to Delano. It also helps how picturesque and cute they are! Save some gas, hop on the Q and take advantage of urban goodness.

Wichita Farmer's Market
Located in the square of the Museum of World Treasures, the weekend farmer's market in Old Town is the perfect morning activity and start to your day. Browse local goods and handmade art while listening to some live music. Bring along your canine friend, family and make it a weekend affair! From flowers to Mexican tortillas made from scratch, you'll surely find a way to treat yourself (and feel good about buying local!).

Wichita Botanica Gardens
If you're needing some peace, quiet and natural beauty, head to the botanical gardens in Riverside. I hadn't been for years, and was so delighted in the experience I'm going to go there every time I'm back in Wichita now. Imagine yourself waking up early on a Saturday morning, and strolling the gardens with a warm cup of coffee in hand, enjoying the gardens nearly all to yourself. It's a place that's great for reflection and rejuvenation, or even if you're just needing some inspiration for redecorating your backyard. This summer, they're hosting Tuesdays on the Terrace, where you can enjoy a good drink at the gardens while listening to some live music. Wichita friends, please enjoy this for me! 

Old Cowtown Museum
Who knew that cowtowns were so hipster? (See photo below for some decor inspo.) Upon my visit to Old Cowtown, where I haven't been since I went there on a field trip in grade school, I was surprised at how cool it was, and what I've been missing out on in adulthood! Sure, it's a great place for kids, but I inherited a newfound appreciation for the place as I studied the buildings and soaked up the historic learnings. Head here to see the one-and-only, frozen-in-time Cowtown that has been duplicated (with many original buildings) as a community along the Chisholm Trail. Step back into time and see how people lived on the prairie in the 1870s, experiencing everything from the homes they lived in to where they got their meat and where they saw the local doctor. You can even sit down for a meal at the saloon! It's a great tourist destination to learn about Wichita's cowtown history, for kids and adults alike.

Keeper of the Plains
Although I've been to the Keeper of the Plains many times before, it was interested to see it this time around with a tourist lens. I was astounded by the beauty of the sculpture, situated along the Arkansas River at sunset. We came during the Ring of Fire lighting (which happens at 9 PM during the spring and summer). Whether you want to get an iconic view of the city or have a nice walk with a friend, this sight will make you appreciate the city's history and cultural background.

Other must-dos: Catch a game at Intrust Bank Arena, get entertained at the Orpheum Theatre (those architectural details will give you heart eyes 😍),  browse both local and renowned artwork at Tessera Fine Art Gallery and the Wichita Art Museum, catch a Wingnuts summer ballgame at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and receive some hands-on education at Exploration Place.


Aero Plains Brewing Co.
Although I'm not much of a beer connoisseur, I still enjoy checking out local breweries when I travel. Not only can you taste some unique beers, but you can also get a strong sense of the local community and culture. I think it's safe to say that Aeroplains Brewing Co. is the quintessential Wichita brewhouse. When you come here, you can tell that this place was created from love and passion; each part of the brewery and bar was so thoughtfully imagined, from the handicap-accessible bartop (made from the wing of an airplane) to the community art gallery that lines the walls. Even the bar's floor was inspired by those infamous and beautiful Kansas thunderstorms. The brewery was also just named Best Kansas Craft Brewery by Midwest Beerfest. Come here to get a sense of the Wichita community, and indulge in some great brews as well.

Central Standard Brewing
Whenever I make it home now, Central Standard Brewing is always on my list. I would describe the atmosphere as chill-electric—there's a happy buzz about the place but doesn't feel overwhelming or like you're going out to a club or college bar (you can actually hear the person you're talking to and have a nice conversation!). Whether you're wanting a mid-day weekend beer or place to catch up and have fun with your friends under the stars, this is the place to go. I also love that they also serve cocktails in addition to beer (try their red sangria—it's one of the best I've had!). CSB makes grandma's vintage furniture cool, and embodies an atmosphere that transcends decades, creating a modern vibe with 70s decor. I'm sure their beer is great, too! ;)

Other favorites include: Public at the Brickyard, The Hill (couldn't help but mention my neighborhood bar!) and River City Brewery. 


The Workroom
It's great to see how localized Wichita has become over the past few years, and how much pride people have in their city (come to Wichita, and you'll be sure to see the Wichita flag paraded around town). One of the places that this pride is most expressed is through the artwork and craft goods at The Workroom

Lucinda's in Old Town is the perfect place to shop for a gift or upgrade your wardrobe. Browse everything from coffee table books to this season's trends at this locally owned boutique shop. I left with some great new rings as well as some affordable, high-quality sunglasses—but could have come out with so much more! Come here for a mother-daughter shopping spree and spend some quality time shopping for unique products and goods.

The Spice Merchant
I'll admit, I'm a bad Wichitan for not having been to the Spice Merchant before this summer. And as a coffee addict, all the things I was missing out on! Shop European snacks while sipping on their amazing coffee (and you can buy the beans while you're there to make at home!). They also have a tea shop connected to the main store where you can buy dozens and dozens of different kinds of tea from all over the world. 

Other favorites: Clifton Square, Delano shops and Bradley Fair.

I challenge you head to Wichita (or if you're there already, enjoy a staycation and experience the ICT like a tourist)—take things a little slower, engage with the locals and enjoy some authentic Kansas hospitality. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Stay curious,


A warm thank you to Visit Wichita and The Ambassador Hotel for sponsoring this post.

The Ultimate Guide to 72 Hours in Nashville

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Nashville. I had conflicting notions of the city—it was a place clad with bachelorette parties, where wannabe country stars sing cover songs at honky tonks and Make America Great Again hats are plentiful. Simultaneously, it’s where Aziz Ansari hung out for Master of None and ate at my friend’s pizza place. It’s where local fare is celebrated, from craft brew to leather goods, and where all types of artists and creatives are welcome. Both of these preconceived notions were found to be true. What is cool though, is how all of these groups exist in harmony and together embrace Nashville as their home.

We were only there for a long weekend, but there’s enough to keep you busy for a lengthened trip. As someone who likes to experience the local spots of new cities and go light on the touristy destinations, it was soon discovered that Nashville is the perfect place to do that. (It probably helps having an up-and-coming musician friend as our tour guide.) From hot chicken to divey live music bars, we squeezed a whole ‘lotta culture in our two and a half day whirlwind of a trip.


If you know me (or simply follow me on Instagram), you know this girl likes to eat. I’m an unabashed foodie that is always up to try new dishes and restaurants, both in Kansas City and during my travels. Nashville’s food scene is limitless — come for the hot chicken, stay for the gourmet doughnuts and mouth-watering avocado egg toast.

If you’re looking for a place that is traditionally southern and is as local as it gets, you must try Big Al’s Deli and Catering. The hole-in-the-wall atmosphere makes you feel as if you were invited into the owner’s house for Sunday brunch. It feels like it’s been there for decades (the decor is made up of outdated soup cans and cereal boxes from the 1980s, but the place only opened a few years ago). It may have only been introduced to the city rather recently, but it feels so natural in the residential neighborhood—you feel like it’s a place your grandparents could have visited if they went to Nashville as twenty-somethings.

As it’s only open through early afternoon, the earlier you get there, the better. The place gets packed and it is community-style seating… be prepared to make a few new friends! We arrived around 11 and we got super lucky in that we didn’t have to wait for a table for very long (but you can also get it to-go!). I was in the lunch mood and ordered the Mahi Mahi burger, which was one of the best surf and turf burgers I’ve ever had. It was topped with bacon and a spicy condiment that reminded me a bit of sweet and sour sauce, and I am definitely regretting not figuring out exactly what it was.

Near our friends' place in East Nashville was a doughnut shop called Five Daughters Bakery. They served some great doughnuts as well as offering paleo and gluten free! Apparently they are known for their 100-layer doughnut, but I learned this after-the-fact. If you go here, order that and let me know how it is! 

Another great on-the-go breakfast spot is Proper Bagel, located near Vanderbilt University. I'll admit, the black and white modern decor always pulls on my heart strings, but they also make a mean bagel. Be sure to pair your bagel with their fresh-squeezed lemonade!

I found my favorite restaurant basically ever in Nashville. Le Sel is the name and a dope brunch is its game (but really). This French bistro is located in Midtown on a cute little corner. A little pricey, but so worth it. Still have dreams about this place.💞

Cody ordered the salmon eggs benedict while I ordered the avocado toast and a mimosa. Definitely one of the best brunch experiences I have encountered, half because the food and half because the Insta-worthiness (see below). If you go to Nashville without hitting this place up, we are no longer friends.

After a weekend full of gluttonous food consumption, I needed some nutrients in my system. I Googled the nearest juicery and, alas, The Urban Juicer became our next food stop. Pro Tip: if you order an Acai bowl, get the Beauty Bowl (pictured right)! I got a pineapple superfood bowl (I can't remember the name) but it wasn't 100. We got lucky that the place was 'grammable, though!

D O 🏙

There's a lot of places in Nashville you can just be entertained by walking around. From the Bicentennial Mall Capitol Park to Centennial Park, and Belmont University and the Nashville Bridge, you'll be surprised how walkable this Southern city is. 

First up: Centennial Park! This place is a must-see. If the weather is nice when you go, I would suggest having a picnic here or go for a run around the park (if you're one of those kinds of people). In the middle of the park lies the Parthenon (yep, you heard that right). Nashville is home to an identical replica of the Parthenon in Greece. That is, a replica of the Parthenon when it was first built and completely intact! This Parthenon is the home to the city's art museum. We didn't go inside, but I think admission costs around $6. 

On our way to downtown, we walked along the Nashville Bridge and took in some great views. The bridge is built over the river and has the best skyline views of the city. Next time I definitely want to visit here at night! 

Another beautiful (and free!) destination is the Nashville Public Library. It's worth it just to see the capitol building perfectly aligned in the second floor window. The upstairs was also home to a rotating art gallery. The photography exhibit that was there during our visit showcased the otherwise secret spots in Nashville that possessed a lot of historic value, from important civil rights-era markers to culturally significant spots in music history. A bonus to visiting the library is the French-inspired Provence Breads & Cafe that is connected to the main

Marathon Village is an indoor market with local shops and antique stores. As its namesake suggests, it originally was the site of a Marathon Motors factory, a car brand now extinct. Its setup reminded me a lot of Chelsea Market in NYC. It was connected to an antique shop that American Pickers sells some of their finds! A place that my parents would definitely enjoy browsing!

Additionally, don't miss an opportunity checking out the Farmer's Market on a nice, warm day! It's an indoor-outdoor venue that has everything from handmade clothes to flowers for your garden!

L I S T E N 🎤

It wouldn't be a Nashville visit without going to Broadway Street. Although I'm partial to avoiding touristy spots like this when visiting new cities, it felt wrong to not at least walk up and down the strip. It's quintessential touristy Nashville—with drunk bachelorette groups, live country music sang by cover artists in every bar and gaudy stores with BOGO cowboy boots sales. But, hey, if that's your scene then this is the place to be! I'll admit I did enjoy walking through the area and people watching—it was St. Patrick's Day weekend, after all!

But let's get to some cooler spots on the list. It's not a trip to Nashville without visiting Jack White's record store, Third Man Records. If you don't know who Jack White is, at least go to get some awesome photos (but also shame on you). Apparently he likes to show up to the store pretty regularly, so you might make a run in with him!

The best places in Nashville to catch some live music, though, are the hole-in-the-wall dive bars. We went to one right next to Centennial Park called Springwater and listened to some actually pretty good live music for a $5 cover. Our musician friend also raved about The Basement, but we unfortunately didn't make it there.

D R I N K 🍾

One of the coolest bars to ever exist is Urban Cowboy Nashville. The name basically sums up what you can expect: a luxury B&B created for rich, artsy hipsters (and the people who pretend to be, like us). The rustic, southwestern decor was the perfect vibe for the city, and I think it represents the up-and-coming art and culturally in-tune scene that is exploding in Nashville. The bed and breakfast rooms average to about $300/night, but have no fear: their community space doubles as a bar where the public is welcome. Anyone who visits here will feel like their cool factor just tripled. Regrettably, I wasn't able to get a good photo of this place since we went on a cold night, but their photo below would be way better anyway. (PS: Brooklynites, there is one in your neck of the woods, as well!)

Photo Credit: Urban Cowboy

Photo Credit: Urban Cowboy

Although we didn’t have enough time to make it to all the bars we wanted to, be sure to check out Greenhouse Bar because plants and L.A. Jackson if you're wanting some rooftop views.

C A F F E I N A T E ☕️

A caffeinated Erika is a happy Erika—no, really, I have a problem and need to seek help. Nonetheless, we made sure that finding unique coffee shops was a priority while here. We weren’t disappointed.

Upon some Instagram research, one place was at the top of my list. We headed to Three Brothers Coffee after driving through Vanderbilt University (which was just off-campus). In addition to the great latte, it was also very photogenic—isn’t that a requirement for coffee shops nowadays? The alleyway next to the front door was painted in black and white symbolic script (if anyone knows what this signifies, please let me know.)

We didn’t stop there! We also visited Barista Parlour, a hipster’s paradise, although slightly overpriced. This was a great place to chill for a few hours and refuel mentally and physically before going out on our next adventure. As it’s one large open space with ample seating and lots of room, you’ll surely find a spot no matter what time of day you go!

All in all, Nashville was an affordable weekend getaway perfect for foodies, music lovers and art-seekers. Lastly, I will leave you with this gem of a find that I highly relate to right now.

Still wanting more ideas for your trip to Music City? Check out @thenashvilleguide on Instagram—it was my go-to guide for all things Nashville during my visit!

Stay curious,


All Aboard the Ruby Princess

Last week, I was lucky enough to go on a Princess cruise for my job (#blessed). It was a 4-day cruise that left from Los Angeles and sailed to Santa Barbara, California, and Ensenada, Mexico. The Ruby Princess served as a nice work environment for the week! Although it rained nearly every day, it was nice to have a little break from the harsh Midwest winter. 

My favorite part of being onboard were the amazing culinary options. From the burger at The Salty Dog to our six-course dinner at Curtis Stone's SHARE, to unlimited ice cream and Neopolitan pizza, my tastebuds had the best experience their lives thus far.

The best part of my day was waking up early and enjoying the views once docked in Santa Barbara and Ensenada. There was a beautiful peace to being on the ocean and seeing the foggy, hilly coastlines in the distance. The smell of the salt water is a type of aroma therapy that is unmatched in nature. I came back from the trip relaxed and refreshed for a week back in the office. 

Later this week, I will be sharing photos from our food and photography tour in Santa Barbara!

Have you been on a cruise before? Do you have a dream cruise destination?

Stay curious,